Working with me

If you are a current (admitted)

  • undergraduate student looking for research experience: Send me an email. Highlight any relevant coursework, research projects, and coding experience

  • masters student looking for a thesis project: Contact me early in your first year. We will work together on developing the goals of your thesis by the end of your first year. The work you do in your thesis should lead to a research paper. I will not accept students in their second year (unless you have extensive research experience and a well-defined research problem).

  • PhD student looking for a PhD advisor: Send me an email with details of your research experience, and interests. I expect experience either in ML/data science or biomedical imaging/neuroimaging. The experience can be in the form of coursework or research projects. You can find more about my current and future research directions here.

If you are a prospective

  • undergraduate/master's applicant: Please apply to the respective programs. All decisions are made by the admissions committee (not me).

  • PhD applicant: Please apply to the PhD program in Computer Science and Engineering. Reach out to me only if you have relevant experience in at least one of neuroimaging, connectomics, machine learning, data mining, robotics, and data science. You can find more about my current and future research directions here. Please understand that I receive way too many requests, and cannot respond to all of them (especially generic emails).